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online research

Over the years, the use of Internet and online services has increased rapidly. In line with this trend, research is now slowly yet steadily moving towards the cyber world. There are literally no limits in what one can create online.

Online research has the ability to stand-alone, as well as being complementary to other survey programs, as it is flexible and versatile at the same time. With only one click of the mouse, all relevant data is within reach. Due to the borderless Internet reach, online research is able to bridge communication gaps at a more cost-effective manner, in the comfort of your own office.

Our CRCG Online Research offers the following services:

Custom Survey Design

Each survey will be designed based on the needs and the format of the questionnaire. The survey will be tested through a round of mock-up of the entire process by our researchers before being rolled out.

Multi-Language Questionnaires

A customized feature, a multi-language questionnaire allows respondents to choose their preferred language before they begin the survey. Our multi-language questionnaires allow for a wider range of demographic to be surveyed.

Analysis tool

To ensure your business gets the best analytical information possible; we provide analysis tools such as frequency tables and cross-tabulation. This will make the research findings understandable and less complicated.

Reporting formats

CRCG exclusive CRCG Web-based Reporting helps organizations gather vital information about current market trends, customers, competitors, and potential areas of growth by utilizing internet-based reporting tools to increase their reach of the sample. In addition, this method reduces the time and cost factor of conducting market research surveys.


CRCG Online is a web-based community portal designed for our panel members to express their opinions on products and services through one or a series of online surveys or research activities. Hence, our clients are able to fully utilize CRCG’s ONLINE panellists to conduct respective surveys or research. We are able to provide a distinct online panellist that varies with their nationality, age, gender, race, income group, and other demographic and lifestyle attributes.

CRCG Online is also able to assist in conducting online research/surveys to non-panellists, through third party sources (databases) provided by our clients. In some cases, clients require us to conduct a study on their existing set of customers. We will blast out of the research invitations, gather the research data, match and cleanse the data according to the profile acquired, and generate a report based on our findings

If you would like to find out more about our online research, or receive a quotation to conduct an online survey for your company, please contact us at

Web-Based Reporting

With the entire research process conducted online, the time taken to generate the final report will also be understandably shorter. Our team at CRCG is able to provide a timely report based on the research findings online.

Our web-based reporting system allows clients to be able to view real-time research findings, as they are based on existing data the time they are being generated. Should you need any more information regarding our web-based reporting system, kindly drop us an e-mail at

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Report Request Form

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