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Industry Research

Industry Research

Industry research is a powerful tool for success in today’s highly competitive market. The primary goal of industry research is to provide invaluable business information in order to increase sales of goods or products. Industry research gives your company insights to enhance sales and retain consumers. Industry research gives your business information about the size of the market, growth, demarcations and other various aspects. CRCG places this market information in the light of domestic and international markets. This information in the context of domestic and international markets are in relation to technology, patenting, research and development, market trends, industry forecasts and other various aspects of the industry market.

With years in the business of brands, our expertise draws on an extensive knowledge and experience in advertising, marketing communications, and industrial research. It is our aim to bring clients the very best research-based consultancy. At CRCG, we do not just deliver research studies; we are focused on helping client’s businesses to grow.

As one of the leading full-service research and consulting firm, we offer the latest in approaches, coupled with our expertise and passion that all adds up to an ability to deliver a fresh perspective to our clients. We take pride as our research makes positive impact for our clients and we assure it happens on each and every project.

Our Industry Research Division provides an extensive library of studies which divided into two major units;

Market Sizing Estimation and Forecasting

Market size estimation is especially important for companies that aspire to launch a new product or new service. Before entering a market, a company should be aware of the potential outcomes of their goods in the market. The professionals of CRCG possess the expertise to help your company estimate the size of the potential market and forecast further development on the number of buyers and sellers

Market Share Estimation and Forecasting

Market share is the total amount of the market size captured by a brand, product or firm. The advantage of using a market share estimation model is that it is abstract from the industry-wide macro-environmental variables. The professionals of CRCG are highly experienced in the field of market share estimation and forecasting

Market Competition Evaluation

CRCG is specialized in providing a distinguished competitive and environmental analysis of your business’ market and its influencing factors. A market competition evaluation paints your business a detailed picture of the customer’s demands and competitor rivalry, and it also provides detailed explanation on market constraints such as price war, channel conflicts or legal considerations. CRCG’s tailored approach brings together the most salient aspects of your company, industry and region.