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Quantitative Research Methodology

Person-to-Person Interview

The process allows our interviewers the opportunity to clarify visuals, instructions or questions in the process of information gathering using Pen-And-Paper or Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI). Answers are probed by asking the respondent to clarify or expand a specific response. This methodology could also supplement answers by recording observations made in the interview process.

  • Street intercept interview
  • Central location test
  • Door-to-door interview

Telephone Interview Using CATI

Our CATI system offers comprehensive solutions in managing the sample (contract details), appointments, callbacks, open-ends (voice or written answers) and reporting. The advantages of a centralized management approach enhance deployment of resources and provide a cost-effective solution for various survey projects.
Our CATI facility offer benefits for either local or international projects in terms of.

  • Multi-script language support
  • Real-time interview monitoring and recording
  • Continuous monitoring of responses, quotas and sample performance.
  • Rapid results extraction
  • Full automation of the questionnaire
  • Easily tracking of quotas
  • Better supervision of interviews.

Mail Survey

Traditionally mail surveys have been used as an alternative to telephone and person-to-person surveys where economies of scale can be leveraged.

It is practical when the information needs to be gathered requires more respondent time. Mail studies allows significant amount of communication to be performed with specific target. Generally, the sample size is large and the respondents are geographically dispersed. This methodology is performed where significant segmentation is needed.

In mail surveys, CRCG emphasize on the value of information to be collective and its uses to allow survey targets understand the benefits. This is particularly important to avoid “junk mail” perception.