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Qualitative Research Methodology

In Depth Interview

In-Depth Interview is primarily exercised to gather facts and opinions from participants. However, in-depth interviews are generally conducted to explore and determine the spectrum of insights and biases that exists about the subject of discussion. During in-depth interviews, the confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.

Focus Group

Focus group is a powerful tool that assesses the end-user needs and feelings before the interface design of any products or services for the purpose of modification, repositioning, and realignment of the marketing strategies.

Our experienced moderators will facilitate the assessment by bringing up our users’ spontaneous reactions and ideas, which enable observation on group dynamics and organizational issues.

CRCG is concerned with the output of focus group discussions. We ensure the quality of our recruitment and our facilities are well-equipped with both audio and video facilities. The focus group discussion is also complemented with an inviting, and comfortable ambience.

Mini Group

Mini-groups are similar to focus groups, but the number of participants is smaller. The fundamental reason to conduct mini-groups is mainly depends to the topic of the discussion and the nature of the respondent’s profile.