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Consumer Research

Consumer Research

In economically tight situations where the pressure on margins grows, firms can pull off an advantage by focusing on consumer attitudes, brand beliefs and product development.

Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) is a full-service marketing research and consultancy company that offers both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Our professional workforce possesses outstanding analytical and modeling capabilities with ample knowledge on both the local and international market.

CRCG offers a broad range of products and services focused on the consumer market. The three main areas of consumer research centers around product positioning, new product development market feasibility studies, and customer satisfaction studies.

a) Advertising Concept Testing

Concept testing is the process of using quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate consumer response towards a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market. It can also be used to generate communication designed to alter consumer attitudes toward existing products.

b) Attitudinal Study

An attitudinal study is an effective marketing solution that captures website visitors’ intent and their critical demographic attributes with the tracking of explicit behavior through click stream monitoring on websites. These kinds of studies result in recommendations to improve a website or customer experience program. The professionals of CRCG have extensive experience in this field to assist your organization to understand your customers’ behavior in greater depth.

c) Brand Awareness

The primary goal of advertising is the creation of brand awareness. Brand awareness is the extent to which the product or service is documented by potential and existing customers either positively or negatively. The professionals at CRCG can investigate the awareness of your brand, and to what extent it is being documented by your customers.

d) Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer satisfaction research focuses on the customers’ perception with their shopping or purchase experience. CRCG assists you to better understand your customers based on their shopping and purchase experience. Our professionals are here to assist your company to assess how your products or services deliver based on the critical success factors.

e) New Product Development

New product development can be described as the overall process of strategy, organization, concept generation, product and marketing, plan creation and evaluation, and commercialization of a new product. CRCG’s highly experienced professionals are able to conducts various researches on how to successfully penetrate your product into the market. CRCG can assist you in concept testing, copy and layout testing, and in the conduct of a pre-launch and post-launch test of your product.

f) Market Feasibility Study

A market feasibility study looks into the feasibility of an idea while identifying its potential problems. Our market feasibility study focuses on the identification of how, where and to whom your business intends to sell a product or a service. CRCG can provide an in-depth study about the business to determine how it can succeed in the competitive market. This is a powerful tool for a successful business plan.

g) Package Testing

Package testing involves the measurement of the characteristics involved with a product’s packaging. The professionals of CRCG have extensive know-how in the field of package testing. Our tailored approach includes measuring the effects and interactions of the levels of packaging, the package contents, external forces and the end-use by consumers.

h) Pricing Research

Pricing strategy is vital for positioning a brand in the market. CRCG is able to assist your company in understanding the regular pricing dynamics that influence the consumers’ decision-making process by using the latest sophisticated models.

i) Product Positioning

An important factor in product positioning is the customers’ beliefs about a product’s value, features and its benefits. These customer beliefs are largely based on experiences and comparisons to other available substitutes offered by the competitors. Pricing, promotion, channels of distribution and advertising are all geared to maximize the chosen positioning strategy of your product.

j) Market Segmentation

A market segment is a sub-set of a market made up of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product and/or services based on the qualities of those products such as price or function. The professionals of CRCG can assist your business in developing high quality insights on the segmentation of your targeted market.

k) Customized Research

Today’s market is dynamic and fast changing. This then requires flexible, cost-effective and fast delivered solutions to meet the market’s demand. Our experience and comprehensive resources allows us to cater to your unique marketing needs and requirements. Contact us for more information on how customized research can bring greater opportunities to your company.

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