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Job Scam Alert

Announcement from Cardas Research & Consulting Sdn Bhd – Job Scam Alert

Updated: 21-September-2023

We have been made aware that there are individuals have been contacting the public via social media such as WhatsApp claiming to be part of Cardas Research & Consulting Sdn Bhd’s HR Recruiter offering work opportunities of part-time earning RM300-RM500, answering 2 short questions and requesting you to click on a YouTube link for RM30 task, and providing a telegram link to soliciting payment, banking details, etc.

We wish to highlight that this is a scam. We are not affiliated to these people and do not condone such irresponsible behavior by these scammers.

Please note Cardas Research & Consulting Sdn Bhd will never ask a candidate to answer survey questions via WhatsApp or for any form of subscription fees or direct payment for any purpose during or after the hiring process. In addition, all hiring processes are conducted by member of Cardas Research team using the Company’s fixed-line telephone number and its official email from Cardas Research & Consulting Group / CRCG domain i.e.,