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Database Design, Cleansing & Profiling

Database Design

Business market today is highly competitive and changing rapidly.

Businesses that put focus into understanding their customers in terms of who are their customers, what they purchase and why they purchased their products and services will more like to succeed in their business.

Everyone is collecting data on who is or should be buying their products or services. This data does not just consist of names and addresses. It includes buying history such as what they bought, when they bought, and how much they bought.

In addition, it also includes detail about the customers who purchased the products or services, their likes and dislikes.

A database is a collection of data that is related to a particular topic or purpose.

Database design is more formal and has rules of structure. Errors are less likely to occur with a properly designed database, and it is easier to extract data and obtain reports from a properly designed database.

A database management system (DBMS) is a system that stores and retrieves information in a database. It is used to help you organize your data according to a subject, so that it is easy to track and verify your data, and you can store information about how different subjects are related, so that it makes it easy to bring related data together.

CRCG DATABASE helps in building database centred on your need and requirements to ensure that your database:

  • Identify your best customers
  • Segment your file to cross and up-sell
  • Retain and regenerate lapsed customers
  • Identify your customers’ lifestyle and behavioral traits
  • Reducing marketing costs through more accurate target marketing

Database Cleansing

Imagine the waste of resources in the situation where you have sent promotional mailer to thousands of prospects obtained from your database, only to realize the database contains obsolete data!

Such mistake can cost you losing your business due to the database that are not organized or updated regularly. Inaccurate or inconsistent data lead to inaccurate analysis and misleading conclusions and result in misdirected investments on both public and private scales.

Data cleansing routines practices by CRCG DATABASE detect and correct or remove corrupt or inaccurate data from database.

CRCG DATABASE emphasizes on maintaining high quality data in the database which are combination of set of quality of criteria.


As a result of better data quality, your business will benefits from:

  • Increased responses from target audience
  • Reduced waste in marketing budget
  • Eliminated data duplication
  • Enhanced customer’s experience
  • Higher revenue from your business

Database Profiling

A database is not just a collection of names and addresses. It’s a collection of individual information, usage and lifestyle activities, behavioral information, isolated to each customer. The database concept inputs data and generates information that allows for target marketing. It provides comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant information about the customers.

Data profiling will help your business to achieve a high-quality, long-standing relationship of repeat business by the analysis of the database, predictive models to target your customers selectively.

CRCG DATABASE provides you the necessary tools and knowledge in profiling your data thus to gives you greater understanding of who your customers and prospects are.

It allows you to refine and target your communications and can help you to retain existing customers and identify prospects that have a higher probability of becoming your customers.

Data profiling gives you the following benefits:

  • Enhanced targeting and improved campaign performance.
  • Enhanced power for modeling and analytics.
  • Supports creative and product development.

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