Geodemographic Research

Geodemographic Research team provides a detailed view into the potential performance
of your business under different market conditions and economic factors.

Consumer Research

In economically tight situations where the pressure on margins grows, firms can pull off an advantage by focusing on consumer attitudes, brand beliefs and product development.

Mystery Shopping

Ever wondered how well your customers are being handled in a retail environment? Are your company’s employees complying with the company’s standards and guidelines in real-life situations?

About Us

Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) was founded in 2002 and is one of the leading privately held marketing research and consultancy firms in Malaysia.

Our ability to transform the relevant information into new insights by enhancing your business strengths will create greater growth opportunities for your business. This information will provide you with new insight and lead to your business’ improved decision making

Proven as a valuable catalyst in various aspects of business processes,we continue to assist our clients in maximizing their brand equity and brand performance through valuable marketing research with the employment of high quality resources. Good quality research is dependent on good quality resources. Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) ensures that every project is executed with the aid of a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals. Our professionals are committed to providing personal attention to your unique needs.


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