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Mystery Shopping Measurements

Mystery Shopping Measurements

Brand and services are constantly evolving in search for different channels to communicate with their customers. As these channels of communication expand perpetually, the types of mystery shopping available in the market also expands.

Generally, there are four (4) main types of mystery shopping…..

In-Store Mystery Shopping

In-store Mystery Shopping is the most tradition and the most common mystery shopping where mystery shopper are assigned to visit a physical store as prospect customer to conduct one or a combination of the following:

  1. To make observation of the store appearance
  2. To make enquiry of a product
  3. To make purchase of a product
  4. To make complaint or to return a product

Calling Mystery Shopping

Calling mystery shopping, the mode of communication is through telephone or mobile phone where mystery shopper as a prospect customer makes a phone call to a specific number that directed to the store or specific sales advisor of the brand/ company.

During the mystery call, mystery shopper will conduct one or a combination of the following:

  1. To make enquiry on a product or services
  2. To make complain on a product or services
  3. To make appointment to visit the store


Mail Mystery Shopping

 Mail mystery shopping uses the most traditional mode of communication that is through writing a letter and posting it to the addressee. The correspondence will be subject to the objective of the mystery shopping that can include one or the combination of mail, phone call or e-mail.

Online Mystery Shopping


E-mail Mystery Shopping

In e-mail mystery shopping, enquiries or complaint will be sent to the brand/ company published e-mail address.


Website Form Mystery Shopping

In most company’s website, structured “contact form” or “enquiry form” are usually available for customer to provide feedbacks, make enquiry or submit a complaint. For website form mystery shopping, these will be used to initiate contact in website form mystery shopping.

Social Media Mystery Shopping

Social Media platform are gaining popularity among brand to use as mode of corresponding besides advertising current product, service or trend. Among the popular social media platforms used for communication are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In social media mystery shopping, enquiries or message will be posted either using respective messenger or tagged on brand’s or company’s posting.


Live Chat Mystery Shopping

Live chat is very popular among service providers such as Insurance and Banking industry, telecommunication industry and e-commerce platforms.

In Live chat mystery shopping, mystery shopper will make enquires and complaints through “chatting” format with the live agent. A series of questions will be developed for mystery shopper to maintain genuine and seamless conversation.

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