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Mystery Shopping Core Activities

Mystery Shopping Core Activities

Project Management

As an experience mystery shopping solution provider, one of our promises is to provide our clients with a peace-of-mind.

In keeping our promise, our project management team adopts inclusion and complete ownership approach to communicate and to execute the project ensuring timely and accurate project deliverables.

In inclusion, client will receive regular project updates on weekly basis. On ad-hoc basis, client will be notified when a situation out of the norm occurs to take necessary action or mitigation step.

For complete ownership approach, one team that consist project manager and executive will undertake the responsible of the project as a whole from planning, recruitment, assigning, validating and generating of the reports. This approach enables project members share the responsibilities and respond timely to any situation that may occur during mystery shopping.

Recruitment and Selection of Mystery Shoppers

In mystery shopping, shoppers are selected based on the ideal profile of a customer for the brand.

Having access to an expanding database of more than 10,000, shoppers are selected by matching client’s profile to our database. Although our shoppers come from diversified backgrounds, our objectives remain- to provide objective and non-bias evaluation.

Selected shoppers who agreed to our terms and conditions will undergo a final assessment that is “Project Test” and only those who passed at or above the benchmark score will be assigned to the project.

In protecting the privacy of the documents and in agreement to mystery shopping terms and condition, Mystery Shopper code-of conduct agreement must be signed by selected shopper before documents pertaining to mystery shopping are sent.

Briefing and De-briefing of Mystery Shoppers

With having more than 10 years in providing mystery shopping services, we continued to engage conventional method to conduct mystery shopping briefing that it either through face-to-face briefing or telephone briefing. We find both methods remains to be the most effective to gauge shoppers understanding and minimize visit invalidity.

A part of our inclusion approach, clients are welcome at any time convenient to attend the brief with mystery shopper. However, clients are advised to keep the identity of the mystery shopper confidential from the sales associates to ensure that the implementation of mystery shopping remained anonymous and non-bias.


Validation is one of the most important that taken majority of time in a mystery shopping report. Every aspect of the report sent by shopper is scrutinized.

We practice zero tolerance towards inaccuracy; hence, if any misconduct detected during a mystery shopping visit, we will not hesitate to terminate the mystery shopper and compensate another visit at our own cost.

As a measure to ensure no inaccuracy, reports sent by shoppers will undergo 2 rounds of checks before publishing the report.

Reporting and Presentation

Our report will be customized to your needs and can be made available to you both online and/or offline. Our online report will enable your managers to view it anytime and anywhere, empowering them to analyse and take immediate action.

Improvement measures will also be incorporated in our report as part of new skill development.